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Strong Perforated Candle Filter for Medium Filtration

Perforated candle filter is a new type of filter cartridge. Its outer layer is a made from perforated metal mesh. Similar to sintered candle filter, this type of candle filter is also has the features of high strength and good wear resistance. It has good flexibility and adaptability, and fits for various filtration and purification applications.

Perforated candle filter has good heat and pressure resistance. It is applicable to a wide range of temperatures and pressures. Perforated candle filter is widely used in petrochemical plants, engineering machinery plants, water treatment industries, oil industries, pharmaceutical and food processing areas.

A stainless steel perforated candle filter on a perforated wire mesh.
PECF-1 Stainless perforated candle filter has high mechanical strength and good chemical resistance.
A pleated candle filter with a perforated layer.
PECF-2 The shape of the perforated wire mesh layer is available in round and square.
There are many perforated candle filters on the ground. They are arranged into five layers.
PECF-3 Our company is capable of manufacturing large quantities of perforated candle filters.
A lot of stainless steel perforated candle filters in a wooden box.
PECF-4 Our products are available in various packing forms, such as plastic bags, cartons and wooden boxes.


  • Perforated types: round and square.
  • Materials: sintered wire mesh, perforated metal mesh.
  • Filter fineness: 2μm - 300μm.
  • Working temperature: ≤ 600°C.
  • Packing: plastic bags; cartons; wooden boxes.


  • High mechanical strength.
  • High filtration efficiency.
  • Anti-corrosion.
  • Good wear resistance.
  • Good durability.


  • Used in the filtration of gas, water and oil.
  • Fit for impurity purification and particle removal.
  • Applied in the water treatment industries, oil industries, pharmaceutical and food processing areas, etc.

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