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Cost-efficient Filter Basket for Liquid Filtration

Filter basket is usually comes with a metal handle and a flat bottom. It can be made from woven wire mesh and perforated wire mesh. Divided by shapes, filter basket mainly has two types: slanted filter basket and standard filter basket. This product has high strength and good rigidity. It can bear the pressure from various directions.

Filter baskets have good corrosion resistance, it can filter the acids, alkalis and other corrosive medias. Filter basket is available in different materials, such as SS302, SS304, and SS304L. It is fit for the industrial and commercial filtration applications. Widely applied in the oil industry, chemical industry, metallurgy industry and other fields.

Two slanted stainless steel filter baskets.
FB-1 Slanted filter basket has strong wear resistance and good dirt-holding capacity.
A perforated and woven filter basket with a stainless steel handle.
FB-2 Perforated filter basket is characterized by high strength, good rigidity and high filtration efficiency.
Three stainless steel perforated filter baskets with stainless steel handles on the ground.
FB-3 The lengths, diameters and sizes of filter basket can be customized.
A woven filter basket and a perforated filter basket on a brown paper.
FB-4 Filter basket is available in woven type and perforated type.
A strengthened perforated filter basket made of stainless steel woven mesh and perforated metal with a handle.
FB-5 Strengthened filter basket performs well in filtrating the large particles and corrosive medias
A copper filter basket.
FB-6 Copper filter basket has high mechanical strength and good wear resistance.

Filter basket specifications:

  • Types: woven filter basket, perforated filter basket.
  • Material: SS302, SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L, etc.
  • Filter media: woven wire mesh, perforated wire mesh.
  • Packing: plastic bags; cartons; wooden boxes.

Filter basket features:

  • Good rigidity.
  • High filtration efficiency.
  • Good dirt-holding capacity.
  • Low cost.
  • Long service life.

Filter basket applications:

  • Used in various filtration, separation and purification.
  • Fit for industrial and commercial filtration applications.

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