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Solid Filter Tube with Excellent Filtration Efficiency

Filter tube, also named tube filter, is a kind of filter element made from different wire meshes. It has high filtration efficiency and good corrosion resistance, suitable for oil pipelines, petrochemical devices and mechanical equipment.

Our filter tube series products are available in various materials, such as galvanized steel, carbon steel and stainless steel. Filter tubes have a wide range of filtration applications. Widely used in mining industry, coal industry, pharmaceutical industry, mechanical engineering and other fields. Our filter tube series products have multi functions and good performance. They can meet your different filtration needs. Except the filter tube, we can also supply other filter elements, such as filter disc, filter basket and pleated candle filter.

There is a stainless steel perforated filter tube.
FT-1 Perforated filter tube is featured by high mechanical strength, good wear resistance and strong chemical resistance.
Five copper woven mesh filter tubes of different shapes.
FT-2 Copper woven mesh filter tube has good resistance to heat, pressure and corrosion. It is extremely solid and durable.
There is a weld sintered filter tube.
FT-3 Sintered filter tube has five layers. It is characterized by high filtration fineness and good wear resistance.
There are two long filter tubes.
FT-4 Long filter tube has good flexibility. It can meet your different filtration needs.
There are three sintered filter tubes.
FT-5 Sintered filter tubes has different lengths, thicknesses and materials.
Many filter tubes with a layer of fine woven wire mesh outside and perforated metal inside.
FT-6 The fine woven wire mesh of this filter tube improves the filtration accuracy, and the perforated metal increases its strength.
A filter tube made from fine woven wire mesh.
FT-7 Filter tubes made from fine woven wire mesh has high filtration efficiency. It can easily filter out the small particles.
There is a stainless steel wire woven filter tube.
FT-8 Stainless steel filter tube is available in different materials, such as ss304, ss310 and ss316.


  • Materials: galvanized carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, etc.
  • Types: perforated filter tube, woven filter tube, etc.
  • Wire Diameters: 0.025 - 2.5 mm.
  • Packing: plastic bags; cartons; pallets.


  • Good permeability.
  • High filtration efficiency.
  • High temperature resistance.
  • Anti-corrosion.
  • Low cost.


  • Suitable for water, liquid and air filtration.
  • Widely used in mining industry, food processing industry and petrochemical industry, etc.

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