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Strong and Durable Compressed Knitted Wire Mesh Filter

Compressed knitted wire mesh filter, also named compressed knitted mesh filter, knitted wire mesh filter and stainless steel knitted filter, is a type of knitted wire mesh filter element. This product can be made into rings, cylinders, rectangles and other special shapes. Due to the various compressed pressure and forms, our compressed knitted mesh filter can meet your different filtration requirements.

Compressed knitted mesh filter has excellent filtration performance. It performs well in high temperature environment. This product can be used as hydraulic prefilters, intake air filters and exhaust air filters. It is fit for the oil and emulsion mist separators, ventilation and fuel injection system. Widely applied in the airbag slag filtration, gas turbine filtration, compressor filtration, diesel particle filtration and other filtration applications.

There is a cylindrical compressed knitted mesh filter.
CKF-1 Cylindrical compressed knitted mesh filter.
A round compressed knitted mesh filter shows its lateral side.
CKF-2 Round compressed knitted mesh filter.
Two rectangular compressed knitted mesh filters.
CKF-3 Rectangular compressed knitted mesh filter.
A ring type compressed knitted mesh filter.
CKF-4 Ring type compressed knitted mesh filter.
A picture shows about the front side of a compressed knitted mesh filter.
CKF-5 Small round compressed knitted mesh filter.
Many stainless steel ring type compressed knitted mesh filters on the ground.
CKF-6 Ring type series compressed knitted mesh filters.
A mini round compressed knitted mesh filter made by stainless steel wire on a man fingers.
CKF-7 Mini round compressed knitted mesh filter
There is a heart-shaped compressed knitted mesh filter.
CKF-8 Heart-shaped compressed knitted mesh filter.


  • Materials: SS304, SS310, SS316, SS321, etc.
  • Shapes: ring, cylinder, oval, square and rectangle, etc.
  • Packing: plastic bags; cartons; pallets.


  • High strength.
  • Good air permeability.
  • Excellent filtration performance.
  • Good corrosion and heat resistance.
  • Cost effective.


  • Used as air, water and oil filters.
  • Applied in the automotive, agricultural and marine engine air intake devices.
  • Suitable for high temperature environment.
  • Fit for the filtration of airbag slag, diesel, gas turbine, compressor and fuel injection system.

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